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Note from the Principal

WASC Accreditation Visit – March 12 through the 15:  Much like hospitals, colleges, and universities throughout the United States, high schools are required to be accredited on a regular basis.  During the 2013-14 school year we began this process with our initial visit.  We were granted the maximum term of four years.  As we graduate our first class we are required to go through the process again.   We have been gathering input from all stake holders during the past two years to ready ourselves for this visit.  As part of the process the visiting team wants to meet with parents to get your input and feedback on our progress.  In an effort to help get the maximum number of parent/guardian participants we will be holding the parent meeting on Sunday, March 12 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  We will be asking representatives from each of our parent groups but want all parents to know they are welcome.  As we have tried to do since we opened as a school in 2013, we want and value your input.  We cannot improve without your honest feedback.  We will be providing regular reminders as the dates get closer.


Spring Event – McBride Casino Night:  On Saturday, April 29 we will be holding the Second Annual McBride Casino Night at Virginia Country Club.  The evening will begin at 6:00 PM and include music, food, table games as well as a live and silent auction. Last year your support allowed us to raise nearly $8000 dollars to help the school.  With your continued commitment, I am confident we can raise much more this year.  Please check the website for up to date news and information regarding the event.




Steve Rockenbach


Common Core Brochures

The Overview Brochures provide insights into what students will learn and highlighting progression through the grade levels.
English Language Arts/Literacy Grades  9–12

Mathematics Grades 9–12

McBride High School Accepts Rachel’s Challenge


McBride High School students, parents and staff chose to accept the challenges laid out by Rachel’s Challenge. (click here to continue) 

School District Newsletters

Supporting Students Under a New System

A number of efforts are under way to support students under a new and improved accountability system for schools. Learn more in this newsletter for parents:

English  Spanish  Khmer

Online Math Support for Grades 9-12 Click Here.

McBride News


If you have not registered to take the CSULB Ethnic Studies, but you are still interested, you are in luck.  The registration deadline has been extended for the spring semester.  This class is offered free to Long Beach Unified 11th and 12th grade students and invited 10th graders.  The class sessions will be held at each of the comprehensive high schools:  Cabrillo, Jordan, Lakewood, Millikan, Poly and Wilson.  All classes will be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.  Classes will begin on Feb. 4 and continue until May 13, 2017.   Attendance is extremely important in this college class.   If you are unable to attend more than 90 percent of the class sessions, you might reconsider registering for this class, as your grade will be negatively affected by absences.


Enrollment is limited to 70 students per school.  If there are more than 70 students interested per site, students will be randomly selected to participate, with 12th graders given priority.  Students who are not selected will be offered a space at another site where space is available or placed on a waiting list for the fall semester (11th graders only).


If you are interested in being considered for the spring semester CSULB Ethnic Studies class please complete the registration form.


The deadline to complete the registration form will be extended until Sunday, Jan. 29.  There are spaces available at Cabrillo, Jordan, Lakewood, Millikan, Poly and Wilson.


Please note that all notifications for the class will be sent through email.  Please check your email periodically.  Also check your spam/junk email folder, in case it is directed to that folder.


If you have any questions about the program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions sheet.  If you need further assistance, please contact Ms.Ortega at the



Monday, January 23

Period 7 Exam 8:50 – 10:50

Nutrition10:50 – 11:00

Period 8 Exam 11:07 – 1:07

Lunch 1:01 – 1:37

1st Period 1:44 – 1:59

2nd Period 2:04 – 2:19

3rd Period 2:24 – 2:39

4th Period 2:44 – 2:59

5th Period 3:04 – 3:19

6th Period 3:24 – 3:40


Tuesday, January 24

1st Period Exam - 8:50 – 10:50

Lunch  - 10:50 – 11:05

2nd Period Exam - 11:12 – 1:12


Wednesday, January 25

3rd Period Exam - 8:50 – 10:50

Lunch  - 10:50 – 11:05

4th Period Exam - 11:12 – 1:12


Thursday, January 26

5th Period Exam - 8:50 – 10:50

Lunch  - 10:50 – 11:05

6th Period Exam - 11:12 – 1:12


Friday, January 27 - Last of Fall Semester

1st - 8th periods meet

Dismissal 3:40pm


Monday, January 30 - First Day of Spring Semester

1st - 8th periods period meets

Minimum Day dismissal 2:18pm


Let's Raise Some Dough! The Health and Medical Booster club invites all McBride families to a pizza fundraiser on January 25. Please see attached flier for details.


Parents, Teachers and Students!  Our school has been awarded a year's worth of access to the magazine Science News! Much of the site is publically available – the digital access provides the benefits equal to that of a paid subscriber. Please use this access whenever you would like for research and interest purposes.  Enjoy! 


"The Science News in High Schools Program offers Ernest S. McBride High School unlimited digital access to Science News magazine online for your students and staff. To gain access, please click the link below and enter your school’s login information.  Also, if you copy and paste your login information, please be sure to not inadvertently add any extra “space” characters.  Much of the site is publically available – the digital access provides the benefits equal to that of a paid subscriber."
USER ID:          SNHS_054725_CA
Passcode:             f2821ee503
Tracking ID:         snhs_054725_ca-169763

Hello All,


The McBride Radio Club will be making radio contact with the astronauts on the International Space Station in March 2017.  We will be in radio contact for about 10 minutes and we are looking for students with interesting questions for the astronauts to actually ask the astronauts over the radio.  If you ever wanted to ask an astronaut a question, this is your chance.

Submit your question to the following link:

Click Here


LBCC Applications Process

* Applications opened November 1, 2016


Save the Dates for Early Bird Registrations:

February 25, 2017

March 4, 2017

March 18, 2017

April 1, 2017 - No joke!

May 6, 2017

May 20, 2016


*** Need help completing the application?

Come to the Career Center, we will help you!!


Go Vikings!


Any student is welcome to attend my tutorial times for extra help, questions, make up work from absences, test retakes (prearranged), or to help others and/or just have a place to complete their work.


Those times are the following: (subject to change based on meetings and/or personal commitments)


8-8:30am Wed/Fri

3:40-4:30pm Mon/Thurs


Attendance Policies

Attendance Matters

Good attendance is one of the major factors for student success in school. Maintaining good attendance school wide also helps our district maximize their Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding. School districts receive the largest portion of their operational funding based on attendance.  If we can meet our attendance rate target of 95.41% our site will receive a check from the district to be used to support school wide activities such as field trips, campus events, etc. Below are a few suggestions on how you can help McBride exceed our targets and help the students succeed in the classroom.

1. Please be sure students clear absences the day they return to school.  Absences are cleared when the student or parent/guardian submit a note to the main office indicating the date(s) and reason for the absence.

2. Understand the state only recognizes illness, doctor’s appointments, court appearances, and death of an immediate family member as excused absences. All other reasons have to be marked as unexcused.

3. Because we do not get funding credit for unexcused absences please avoid missing school for vacations and trips.

4. Students must see their teachers immediately following an absence to obtain make-up work. 

5. Please inform the main office if a student will be out of school for multiple days.  Student’s should also communicate with their teachers via School Loop to get make-up work.

Three Pathways- One Vision

Three Pathways- One Vision 

McBride High School has three pathways, McBride Engineering, McBride Health Medical and McBride Criminal Justice and Investigation. All three pathways engage students around their interests, find relevant connections to real world activities, and gauge student learning through collaborative, hands-on projects. All three pathways prepare students for the demands of college and the workforce. With workplace learning experiences in their 12th grade year, all three pathways empower and inspire students to make their own path and determine their own future.
A Unique Experience 
McBride High School looks and feels different than any other high school you may have seen. With four career labs and other specialized spaces students will demonstrate what they have learned through projects, team collaboration and connections with industry partners. Students will collaborate in open areas designed for each pathway. Teachers will also work as a team to meet the needs of individual students and create a coherent educational experience. Addressing subjects at each grade level and centered on a career-themed course, students will see the natural connections between the theme of their pathway and English, History, Science and Math.
Challenging Academics
All three McBride pathways are focused on completing the UC and CSU Entrance Requirements (a-g) with a sequence of courses that are aligned to college expectations. Each pathway expects to create options for students to earn college credits while in high school.


Casino Night

April 29, 2017 




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Sept 14, Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14, Jan 18,

Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, Jun 7

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Handwashing Campaign Wins Big

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