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  Gerard Morrison Teacher, Lead Teacher CJI


“CJI pathway in McBride is a great program, because we have advanced technology, the teacher who really cares about our success.”

- Angela C., Class of 2019

“Hands-on, very hands-on! This is what makes this show so much fun and one of the best!”

- John N., Class of 2019

Criminal Justice and Investigation

Supported by a Crime Lab and Legal Counsel, the McBride Criminal Justice and Investigation pathway places emphasis in a legal and forensics context throughout the student’s four-year experience. With simulated crime scenes, CRF Mock Trial competitions, and interactions with professionals; students will understand the foundations of the criminal justice and legal systems, the science behind CSI, and the expectations of a future in law, criminology and public services. Students will see the connections between math, science, history, and English as important components of the Criminal Justice. 

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