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Health Medical Lead Teacher
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Health and Medical Pathway

What will you gain by being a part of the Health and Medical Pathway at McBride?

The Health and Medical pathway at McBride offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the health and medical field.  Students in will participate in direct and hands-on instruction, as well as real world experiences and presentations by professionals in the health and medical community.

Students will engage in hands-on learning in a lab classroom that resembles a medical office or hospital complete with patient beds, wheel chairs, and other diagnostic and care equipment.

Students may have the opportunity to participate in a Simulation Lab 9 week course at Lb Memorial during their 11th or 12th grade year.

Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be learned and practiced with real-life medical senarios and equipment.

Upon completion of the Health and Medical Pathway Course of Study, students will have met the A-G requirements for UC admission and will have had the chance to earn credit for some LBCC courses.

McBride Health and Medical Pathway Description

Culminating in the acquirement of hands-on and technology- based, critical thinking and problem solving skills, students will take a four-year sequence of courses that include Health Concepts and Careers, Applied Medical Occupations and Terminology, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, and a capstone course where many of their acquired skills will be put into practice. Health-Medical courses provide the cornerstone for interdisciplinary projects in all four years. Students will apply what they have learned to practical experiences through community partnerships, and will participate in activities in the health lab classroom that incorporate professional diagnostic tools and treatment equipment used in the field.

Booster Club


The purpose of this organization is to give organized support and recognition to the academic Health & Medical pathway at McBride High School, Long Beach CA: to assist, promote and support the general welfare and interest of the Health and Medical pathway; to encourage attendance at all Health and Medical functions.

Meetings:  see the booster page webpage

email address:

Executive Board:
President - Jennifer Rhodes
Vice President - Theresa Vidovich
Secretary - Michelle Rosenquist
Treasurer - Roberta Siriani

student intern spotlight
Read about our Health & Medical senior Jolie Reeder

Our Advisory Board

We are very lucky to have gained a wonderful group of local professionals in the health and medical community to advise and assit the Health and Medical Pathway in creating an enriching and relevant experience for the students at McBride.  The board will help by providing guest speakers, field trip opportunities, demonstrations of medical equipement and diagnostic procedures as well as interships in the future for our Juniors and Seniors.

We have professionals from the following local organizations:

VCA Los Altos Animal Hospital

Molina Foundation and Healthcare

CSULB School of Nursing

Memorial Care Medical Group

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

School of Health, Science and Mathematics at LBCC

Feel free to visit their organization websites to see what they do!  If you are a medical or health professional in the local community and would like to be a part of our advisory board please contact Erica Kelly, Lead Teacher at