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Pathway Coordinator:

Gina Rae Stolpestad 

562-997-8000 x4031


Three Pathways - One Vision

3 pathways 1 vision
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McBride High School has three pathways, McBride Engineering, McBride Health Medical and McBride Criminal Justice and Investigation. All three pathways engage students around their interests, find relevant connections to real world activities, and gauge student learning through collaborative, hands-on projects. All three pathways prepare students for the demands of college and the workforce. With workplace learning experiences in their 12th grade year, all three pathways empower and inspire students to make their own path and determine their own future.

a unique experience

McBride High School looks and feels different than any other high school you may have seen. With four career labs and other specialized spaces students will demonstrate what they have learned through projects, team collaboration and connections with industry partners. Students will collaborate in open areas designed for each pathway. Teachers will also work as a team to meet the needs of individual students and create a coherent educational experience. Addressing subjects at each grade level and centered on a career-themed course, students will see the natural connections between the theme of their pathway and English, History, Science and Math.

Challenging Academics

All three McBride pathways are focused on completing the UC and CSU Entrance Requirements (a-g) with a sequence of courses that are aligned to college expectations. Each pathway expects to create options for students to earn college credits while in high school.

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