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Important Dates- Volunteers Needed 2022-2023


Engineering Booster Club


Click HERE for McBride Engineering Swag and fundraisers! 

Engineering Booster Club Board


Positions for 2022-2023

President: Ron Birge

VP: Michelle Liu

Treasurer: Michael Twitchell

Membership: Barbara Maskell

Secretary: Corey Berman

Fundraising: Amanda Webber


The McBride High School Engineering Booster Club (‘Boosters’) is a charitable, non-profit organization whose purpose it is to support interests in the McBride Engineering pathway.  The Boosters will strive to provide financial and outreach support to supplement the costs that are unable to be funded through school district and other government sources.  In order to achieve this objective, the Boosters will sponsor a variety of activities and fundraisers.  The Boosters will lend support to the Engineering pathway teachers and administrative staff for the purpose of contributing to the academic success of the engineering pathway and its many programs and projects. These include field trips, speakers, internship opportunities, fundraisers, extracurricular activities and financial, material and equipment donations.