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California State University

Application Information


Application Window: October 1st - November 30th 

Cost: $70 per application or 4 for free with fee waiver. Fee waiver is embedded in the application. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • A-G on-track 
  • Minimum GPA 2.0 
  • SAT or ACT (CSU's superscore exams) 
  • TheEligibility Index will help determine if student is eligible for admissions to the CSU. Please note that impacted campuses and majors will require a higher eligibility index.

Eligibility Index Formula

(University GPA x 800) + SAT Highest Critical Reading + SAT Highest Math

eligibility index formula

CSU Local Admission Priority

If a campus is impacted, students who are applying from schools and areas that are nearest to the CSU will receive “local preference” or “priority admission”. Please be advised that major impaction will also determine if a student is accepted regardless if they are local applicants.


*CSU Long Beach gives LBUSD students priority admissions. 

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CSU Majors

CSU degrees

Educational Opportunity Program 

EOP provides support services to first generation, low-income, underrepresented students at the college level. Services include admission counseling, academic advising, peer mentoring, courses offered in conjunction with academic departments, student success workshops, tutoring, Graduation Writing Test preparation, and supplemental financial assistance.


How to apply:

Applicants must complete the EOP portion on the CSU application. The EOP portion is optional, but  we highly encourage all low-income, first-generation students to complete the application.



-2 letters of recommendation from teacher, mentor, coach, supervisor

-5 autobiographical prompts (500-1000 characters)